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Caroline Hill, Menopause Dietitian & owner of Caroline Hill Nutrition

Hello, my name is Caroline Hill, a UK-registered dietitian and founder of Caroline Hill Nutrition. I’m passionate about supporting women in their menopause journey to understand the powerful role of food and nutrition in managing their symptoms and improving their overall health for the long term.

I qualified as a dietitian in 2007 and have worked in a variety of settings including the NHS, the medical nutrition industry and in private practice.  This experience has given me a huge amount of clinical knowledge and experience in managing a range of health conditions.  So, if you have underlying health conditions as well as looking for menopause support, I will be able to assist and guide to achieve your health goals.

I decided upon a career as a dietitian as I’m fascinated about food and the connection with health.  However, as a massive foodie I recognise that food is more than just about nutrition and health.  For many people, food plays a key role in their lives beyond being a source of fuel for our bodies. We eat food for pleasure, socially and in some instances, in response to our emotions.  Therefore, I work with everyone as an individual person to understand your relationship with food and your food habits to best support you to make dietary change.

As well as being a foodie, I’m a great lover of the outdoors and spending time in nature.  The sound of water is a particular favourite of mine. In my spare time, you’ll often find me spending quality time in the great outdoors with my husband and young son.

Professional qualifications:

BSc (Hons) Food and Nutrition – first class
MSc Nutrition and Dietetics
Kings College London low FODMAP diet trained dietitian
Registered and regulated by the HCPC

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I would highly recommend Caroline and I can’t thank her enough for all her support and advice. Caroline was extremely helpful in addressing some dietary and health issues. Together we set achievable goals for me to work on between sessions. I now have a better understanding of nutrition to make informed choices, my symptoms have improved greatly, and I have a happier relationship with food. The sessions have been invaluable.

— Mrs H

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I booked three sessions with Caroline and would highly recommend her. She was great to work with, very perceptive and helpful. She followed up each session with a summary of our discussion together with specific recommendations and additional information. She has really helped me to address and improve a number of dietary and health issues that I have had for many years.

— Mrs J

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