I was recommended by a friend to contact Caroline. My blood tests had shown there was a need for a quick change in my diet etc. In my first appointment we went through the results and made a plan as to where we wanted to be in the near future. Caroline was very thorough in the approach that she recommended to me. Things like what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat etc. After having 3 consultations, I was completely back to normal. In fact my results were probably better than most healthy people. I found that Caroline gave me feedback and advice to be absolutely brilliant. and it all worked!!! I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone, she is absolutely brilliant and a life changer. She really knows her work

Mohammed, 43

Caroline is really knowledgeable, professional and tailored her advice to my specific circumstances. She encouraged me to set my own actionable goals with a balanced approach to nutrition, which gave me so much more confidence in my food choices.

Amy, 35