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I offer training and nutrition workshops on a range of nutrition related topics and to suit your requirements.  Get in touch to discuss how I can help you.

Past events

CALM retreat: a nutrition workshop for HR directors and leaders

Credit: Laura Firth from MiniAperture Photography

After a year of planning and cancellations due to Covid-19, the CALM retreat for HR directors organised by Sarah Markham at Calm in a Box finally went ahead at the beginning of June. The Four Energies CALM retreat was for leaders and teams to take some time out to come together to reset, rebalance and restore their energy and reconnect with themselves and each other.

I was kindly invited to deliver a 1 hour nutrition workshop to those who had selected the nutrition workshop as one of the four energies.

During the 1 hour nutrition workshop we debunked some nutrition myths such as ‘fruit is full of sugar’, ‘kale is a superfood’ and ‘carbs are bad for you’. These nutrition myths are unfortunately common place across the internet and filtering through all the nutrition information available to us to find the accurate and science based information can be tricky.

The next part of the session was spent discussing the role of food beyond just being a source of fuel. Food is a way of nourishing our bodies beyond calories. Food provides us with comfort, is used to celebrate and can be a social occasion. Even the humblest of evening meals is an opportunity for us to not only nourish our bodies but also our minds as we the meal with our loved ones and talk about our day.

The closing theme of the session was talking about the role of behaviour change in making dietary change. Making dietary changes to benefit our health can sometimes prove challenging. It is important to acknowledge that dietary change is at its more effective when we have the right tools and are motivated to implement the change using the tools we have available. To learn more about the role of behaviour change in nutrition, read my blog post ‘How to say I WANT to change my diet rather than I SHOULD change my diet?‘.

The session was a great opportunity for the attendees to learn more about nutrition for their health from a trusted source of nutrition. There was some great discussion about the wealth of nutrition information readily available to us on the internet but identifying which information is scientifically accurate and evidence based is sometimes difficult.

My aim of my business is to try to quieten some of the noise about nutrition and provide clear, accurate and evidence based information to my audience across a wide range of nutrition topics.

Hers’s what Sarah from Calm in a box had to say about my workshop

“Caroline is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things diet and nutrition. She expertly facilitates corporate workshops in an engaging way with her warm and open style – there is no question that she cannot answer.  I am honoured that she is a trusted partner of Calm In A Box as she brings such credibility and passion to our CALM experiences and events.”

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