The low FODMAP Diet

If you have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) you may have come across the low FODMAP diet as a way of managing your symptoms through diet. You may have asked yourself, is this a diet that might help you?

What is the low FODMAP diet?

The low FODMAP diet was developed by a team of researchers at Monash University in Australia. A low FODMAP diet is a 3 step diet used to help manage the symptoms of medically diagnosed IBS.

A low FODMAP diet should be followed under the guidance of a dietitian who has specialist skills in managing IBS and using a FODMAP diet.

How does a FODMAP diet help with IBS symptoms?

FODMAPs are a form of dietary carbohydrates, which are poorly absorbed in the small intestine and fermented in the large intestine triggering symptoms in sensitive individuals.

These carbohydrates are called Fermentable Oligo-saccharides, Di-saccharides, Mono-saccharides, And, Polyols, also known as FODMAPS.

The following table shows example of some of the carbohydrate foods that can be problematic:

Oligosaccharides e.g. wheat, pulses and some fruit and vegetables

Disaccharides e.g. lactose found in milk and yoghurts

Monosaccharides e.g. honey and various fruit and vegetables

Polyols e.g. chewing gum

Dietary intervention involves the strict elimination of FODMAP foods for an 8 week period.

Following the 8 week period of elimination, FODMAP containing foods are reintroduced into your diet to identify which particular foods you are sensitive to.

Will a low FODMAP diet help resolve my symptoms?

The Low FODMAP diet is extremely effective in improving the symptoms in approximately 70% of patients with IBS.

It is essential you follow a low FODMAP diet under the guidance of a FODMAP trained dietitian as it is a complex diet to follow. The support and guidance from a FODMAP trained dietitian will ensure the diet is effective and nutritionally adequate.

Can you help me with my IBS symptoms?

Please use this form to contact me to discuss how I could help you manage your IBS symptoms with diet.

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